Testing INformation


    SCMS engages  our students in both formative and summative assessments throughout the school year to monitor their progress.  Formative assessments are the equivalent to practices, they are used to monitor progress, get feedback, and correct mistakes before the actual game itself.  The “game” is the summative assessment.  It is used to measure student performance.

    Some types of formative assessments include quizzes, homework, and classwork in the individual classrooms.  As a school, our formative assessments include Aimsweb, Math and Reading/Language Arts benchmark tests, Mobymax, and Study Island.

    The summative assessments at SCMS include Chapter test, Mid-Terms, and Finals.  As a school, our summative assessment is the TCAP.


    The scores from the TCAP are basically used two different ways as far as the state is concerned.  Each school is measured for achievement and value-added.  Achievement is the score itself.  Value added is the “growth” of a student, grade level, or school from one year to the next. Our TVAAS score (value added) can be seen at the Tennessee Department of Education’s website at https://tvaas.sas.com/evaas/welcome. Once at the website, pick Smith County in the scroll down menu.

    If you have any furthers questions about assessments please feel free to contact us at 615.735.8277.

TCAP Testing begins in:

for more info call 615.735.8277